Wednesday, October 10, 2007


On the 9th of October, we discovered that the ex-Centrelink employee, Natalie Pearson, lied on Today Tonight in the follow up to the Powers interview.

Pearson said that Schapelle was collecting Sickness Benefit for drug psychosis. In a Queensland court she admitted she had never read any of Schapelle's medical reports. Pearson was fined $1000 and placed on a three-year good behaviour bond.

"This was a trying time for Ms Corby and her family," Magistrate Terry Duroux said. "They had already gone through enough and didn't need this sort of thing being aired nationally throughout Australia."

Defence lawyer Debbie Marinov said Pearson had been pressured into doing the Today Tonight interview, even though she "knew it was the wrong thing to do".

The lies unravel.


Jase said...

"It's not the job of the Australian Federal Police to clear people." Is that right Mick Keelty. So I guess he knows that Schapelle is innocent like the Australian government knows that Schapelle is innocent.

Jase said...

Heres a video for you Keelty.

anjing_hitam said...
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anjing_hitam said...

“Jodie told us that Schapelle’s mother was flying around Australia with bags of marijuana. She said that Space Bags, full of marijuana, were left lying around the house and that Jodie’s mother who wasn’t that close to the family had been asked to transport their produce to Byron Bay. Jodie even claimed that a customs officer at Ngurah Rai airport was in their employ. According to Jodie the Corbys were the biggest drug mafia family in Australia.”

This is classic! Powers’ theory is so ridiculous it’s worse than a C grade movie! I was talking to someone the other day who asked ‘wasn’t Schapelle’s dad a bikie!?’ This person was obviously swayed by this Powers interview and not knowing the facts.
I said ‘I doubt it! Well if he was, you’d think with all the drug money and bikie connections the Corbys would have, Schapelle would be out of jail in no time! In fact she would never have gone to jail! C’mon get real! The corruption of AFP and Bali police are the reason Schapelle is in jail! And that ACC, Mark Standen had some, industrial, heavy duty vacuum that he used to for HIS Space Bags filled with coke, and that AFP, Keetly trained Bali police so they probably had the same machine over there!’
The person quickly changed their mind.

“It is not the job of the Australian Federal Police to clear people.” What an equally idiotic statement!

DJ Wolf said...

I think we can get caught up with the lies in such a way as they distract us from the real truth.

The Bali Police were asked several times to weigh Schapelle's luggage. If the weight turned out to be 61Kg she would be guilty and everything else would be superfluous. If it weighed 65Kg she would be innocent because it would be proven that the 4Kg of drugs were added some time after she boarded her flight.

The Bali Police refused to weigh her luggage and claimed "It's not necessary". They didn't want concrete evidence of her guilt or innocence even though they tried to trick her into signing a confession written in Indonesian and twisted her words in court to suggest that she had already confessed.

Therefore their refusal to weigh her luggage is proof that they knew that doing so would vindicate her. How did they know? Is that why the media is so desparate to convince the Australian people that Schapelle is guilty?

The alternative is that Indonesia committed an act of agression against Australia by framing an Australian for a death penalty offence.